Medication Reconciliation

Patients who are identified for admission are entered into the MedMaestro medication reconciliation process.  An experienced pharmacy technician remotely reviews their chart and then arrives at the bedside via the robotic telepresence device.  The pharm tech talks to the patient, family/friends, captures images of any medication lists or bottles via the high-resolution camera and then aggregates and verifies that data.   

Our pharmacy technician will contact external pharmacies, national databases, relatives, and physician offices to build the "Best Possible Medication History."

This data is rigorously checked, cross-referenced, and then documented into the electronic health record.  Any key findings are communicated face-to-face to the care team.


Surgical Pre-Op

On average there are three medication reconciliation errors per admitted patient. About half of these will result in patient harm. Surgical patients are no exception.  With an older and more medically complex population of patients undergoing surgery and then an inpatient stay -- medication reconciliation is more vital than ever.

Med Rec and Counseling at Discharge

Medication reconciliation is equally vital at the time of discharge as it is when patients enter the hospital.  We provide both medication reconciliation and medication counseling via pharmacists who specialize in transitions of care.  We ensure that primary care physicians receive an accurate and comprehensive list of the medication that patients are being discharged on.  

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