Why MedMaestro

24/7 and scalable

Even the best-staffed medication reconciliation programs have difficulty providing 24x7 coverage, including nights, weekends, and holidays.  MedMaestro's pool of highly qualified pharmacy technicians pulls from all over the state -- instead of just the local area where a hospital would normally recruit.  At busy times in the Emergency Department, we are able to scale up by activating a second robot and an additional pharmacy technician.  Within minutes, we can scale up -- allowing doctors and nurses to do what they do best.

Lower costs than traditional medication reconciliation.

Using robotic telepresence and the power of advanced databases, we are able to provide medication reconciliation at lower costs than if a hospital were to hire its own pharmacy techs.

Better quality and safety for your patients


The science is clear - consistent, high-quality medication reconciliation results in fewer adverse drug events, lower length of stay, and fewer readmissions.  All of which means happier patients and safer care.

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